Trégunc - Finistère - Bretagne Sud

Idbmarine & Marée Haute merge and become Idb Marée Haute !

Idb Marée Haute shipyard has :

  • 5000 m² of external areas,
  • 4500 m² of internal areas.

The Idb Marée Haute shipyard has all types of bers in large quantities to effectively stall your boat.

The storage areas are accessible during the opening hours of the site every day of the week, including WE.

You have electricity and water points.

The Idb Marée Haute shipyard can dry store your sails, equipment, rigging during the winter.

Our teams will take care of putting these materials in safety at the beginning of wintering and put them back on board before launching.

The Idb Marée Haute boatyard can take care of your boat from the port of Concarneau.

You drop your boat at the construction dock behind the Concarneau town and a team will take charge of your boat to bring it to the Minaouet to put it in wintering.

Conversely, the Idb Marée Haute shipyard can take care of all operations until your boat is available at the pontoon in Concarneau.