Trégunc - Finistère - Bretagne Sud

Idbmarine & Marée Haute merge and become Idb Marée Haute !

Django 43

The blue water cruiser

The blue water cruiser

The Django 43 has been designed to sail comfortably and safely to far away destinations, by an architect who is himself a well known sailmaker & seaman.

The Django 12.70 has been designed to sail comfortably and safely to far away destinations, by an architect who is himself a blue water sailor.

Designed to be comfortable at sea. The cockpit layout is designed for short-handed sailing, and to accommodate your family in safety. The doghouse offers ideal protection during night watches and wet sailing conditions. Seated behind its panoramic windows, you will be able to carry out your watch in comfort. The cockpit is semi-closed on the aft side, allowing easy access to the transom platform, and the mainsheet does not hinder movements in the cockpit.

The interior layout is designed for comfortable long distance cruising, with ample stowage and living space for each crew member. For sailing with larger crews or with guests, the technical room can be modified into an extra cabin with additional berths.

Fast under sail, designed to moor in small coves: the generous sail plan will allow you to sail fast and will provide you with enjoyable sailing sensations even in light-wind conditions.

The lifting keel is intended for occasional beaching or drying out, using two beaching legs attached to the shroud chain plates. When the keel is lowered, the deep draught provides impressive stability and effective up-wind sailing in all conditions, providing you and your crew with peace of mind in all circumstances.

The weight of the anchor, chain and rode is located in an anchor box at the entrance of the fore-cabin in order to improve weight distribution and reduce pitching.

voilier Django 42 du Idb Marée Haute à Trégunc en Finistère
  • Designer : Pierre DELION and Pierre ROLLAND
  • Hull lengh : 12,49 m
  • Float lengh : 12,40 m
  • Beam : 4,35 m
  • SQ draft : 3,00 m - 1,30 m
  • Light displacement : 7,2 T
  • Ballast : 2250 kg
  • Sail area AW : 99 m2
  • Main sail : 51 m2
  • Genoa : 48 m2
  • forstay : 31 m2
  • Asymetric spinnaker : 130 m2
  • Inboard 40 CV
  • Category A

Download documentation of the Django 43Download documentation of the Django 43

Django 42 stabndard swinging keel from shipyard : 250 000 euros