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Django 27

Being extremely versatile, the Django 27 combines the sailing abilities of a full-size cruiser, beaching and drying out abilities of a coastal sailboat

Designed for fast cruising, the Django 27 is also intended for serious offshore sailing conditions.

With a beam of 3 meters and a progressive chine along the hull, the Django 27 is strikingly modern.

Her owners can sail her far beyond their normal sailing grounds,confident in her strength and stability.

The performance of the Django 27 redefines the sailing range of a boat of this size, bringing the effective range in the same league as many larger sailboats.

Hull & Deck realised in infusion) :
Infused hull, fiberglass / polyester / sandwich with Soric .
Sandwich structure, Crash box on the bow. White gelcoat outside, Interior white top-coat finish.
Deck build in fiberglass/polyester foam sandwich by infusion. White gelcoat outside, Interior white top-coat finish. Grip deck, with feetrests. 1 anchor box on the deck, Coamings. Great waterproof under deck cockpit locker.
2 units polyester and fiber glass with epoxy foam. 1 central helm with stick, 4 units JP3 autolining mechanism.
Accomodations : Wide view for all versions
Version « lit breton », inboard engine : 1 double berth at the front (2.00x1.60 m), 1 simple berth at the back port side, (1.90x0.90 m), 2 berths converted from bench seats (1.80x0.80 m), 1 technical / toilettes separated at the back starboard side.
Electronic devices adapted chart table with storage and seat. Easy to open panel to receive the electrical and instruments. Standup position chart table easier for bigger size paper charts and including an ice box.
Django 27 is equipped with the following elements : 1 kitchen module with water sink (tray electric pump and evacuation), 1 gaz burner (The gaz is located in the cockpit locker, storages.) Saloon with bench seats and cushions for 6 people. Saloon table convertable in berth. Mast support in carbon. Storage on starboard and port sides from stern to bow. Companionway steps. Heavy mooring storage under the saloon. 4 great storages under the seats of the saloon. 4 great storages behind the back of the seats of the saloon,with doors.
Engine - Electricity:
Engine option : Outboard or Inboard (options not included in standard price)
Electrical panel with 9 fuses with lights, depending on the numbers of circuits, 5 led spotlights (1 in front cabin, 2 in back cabin,2 in the saloon), 1 powerlight for the chart table, 1 battery 70 A for service, electrical network, 1 batterie switch, 1 three-colour ligths on masthead, 1 Cigar lighter socket 12 V.
Accastillage :
Standard mast electro polished aluminium installed on the deck, 2 levels of advanced crosstrees, Boom in electro polished aluminium, Asymmetric spinnaker flat deck rigging, manual positionning in & out, Standing rigging in single-strand stainless steel (forestayside shrouds), backstay, Complete running rigging : 2 reefing ropes, 3 polyester halyards, 1 mainsail sheet, 2 mainsail traveler ropes,outhaul, 2 genoa sheets, Spinnaker tack (dyneema), bobstay (dyneema), backstay system, with blocks, boom vang with blocks. Wind indicator windex
4 winches 20 ST, 1 winch handle, 1 main sail track, traveller blocks, 2 cleats, 2 genoa track, with manual travellers, 2 genoa deck blocks, Mainsheet with purchase system, 5 bits, Kicking-strap system with 12 bits, Adjustable Backstay with 24 bits, 7 mast foot blocks, Piano : 7 blockers, 2 cleats, 2 panoramic fixed plexiglass, 2 opening hatches, 1 cabin opening hatche, Tiller steering with extension, Chain plates
Rigging :
Mat en aluminium anodisé accastillé, 2 hauteurs de barres de flèches (gréement maître-bau) - Bôme aluminium anodisé accastillée - Gréement dormant monotoron avec Ridoirs, pataras textile Dyneema.
Gréement courant polyester : 2 ris, 3 drisses, chariot de GV, 1 bordure,1 écoute de GV, 2 écoutes de génois, 1 amure de spi.
1 sous-barbe Dyneema, 1 pataras avec renvoi, 1 halebas- Bout dehors spi rétractable à plat pont - 1 girouette windex.
Security :
1 electrical sea pump, 1 manual sea pump in the cockpit, 1 compass.
Keels :
Keels built in cast iron.
  • Designer : Pierre ROLLAND
  • Hull lengh : 7,70 m
  • Float lengh : 7,70 m
  • Beam : 2,99 m
  • Twin keels draft : 1.20 m
  • Light displacement : 1,850 T
  • Ballast : 780 kg
  • Sails AW : 42 m2
  • Main sail : 23/32 m2
  • Genoa : 19 m2
  • Asymetric spinnaker : 65/75 m2
  • IB or HB engine 14 CV
  • Category B or A

Django 27 is fast as you can see on the polar diagram.

These diagram is established with a loaded load of 2400 kg, in flat sea, GV / genoa / Spi asy. on fixed bowsprit at the axis and have been checked at sea.

les polaires du Django 27 du chantier naval idbmarine en Bretagne

Download documentation of the Django 27Download documentation of the Django 27

Django 27 twin keels standard, from shipyard : 68 000 euros